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Missouri Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

Based in St. Louis, we represent injured workers for their job injuries all throughout Missouri.  Unfortunately, the worker’s comp laws in Missouri have been decimated over the years by the insurance-backed legislature.  The latest set of reforms occurred in 2005.  In fact, it is not surprising if you are at this page because you feel you are being mistreated by the worker’s compensation insurance company.  One of the biggest causes of abuse against injured workers occurs because the employer has the right to choose your doctor, if you want your employer to pay for the treatment.  This often leads to the insurance companies dictating how long the doctors can treat you and what tests they can provide.  They will often send you to a facility like Concentra or Barnescare if you live in the St. Louis area.  We have deposed representatives of these facilities before and discovered that their income is nearly 99% dependent on worker’s compensation referrals.  Do you think they are going to ignore what the insurance companies tell them to do?

There is no doubt that Missouri’s worker’s compensation laws are rather complex.  Many people do not know what their rights are under the law.  If you have been hurt at work in Missouri, you should order a FREE copy of The Ultimate Missouri Work Comp Book.  This book lays out everything injured workers need to know about Missouri’s work comp system.

Generally, any Missouri injured worker is entitled to three benefits:

  • The right to be provided free medical care for the work injury;
  • The right to be compensated for any time off work which is approved by the doctor (TTD);
  • The right to a lump-sum settlement after treatment is over (PPD)

There are other benefits that are more fully explained in the work comp book.  If your insurance adjuster or your employer says you are not entitled to one of these benefits, call us immediately – they are probably wrong, or just lying!

The workers compensation company often hires adjusters and/or nurse case managers whose sole objective is to limit your benefits.  They are already fighting against you.  St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney Josh Myers takes it personally and does all he can to fight for you.  Contact us to talk about your case.  It’s always free to talk about your case and we do not get paid until we get you a recovery.

Should You Hire A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

As mentioned above, the latest reforms to Missouri’s Workers Compensation system occurred in 2005.  A recent study printed in the Missouri’s Lawyer’s Weekly (a legal newspaper) indicated that, since those reforms, injured workers with attorneys receive nearly 50% more than unrepresented workers.  The bottom line – you will most likely receive more money with any attorney.

Now, when should you hire your attorney?  The answer is as soon as you are injured.  We will make sure you do not step into legal landmines along the way.  We also keep the insurance companies honest (quite a feat) and ensure that you are getting all the treatment you require.

A Client’s Story

We recently settled a case for our client N.H.  He injured his arm at work and required surgery.  Shortly after the settlement, he was again injured at work.  This time, it was much worse.  He tried calling his human resource director the day of the injury but could not get a hold of her.  His boss was also on vacation.  Two days later he finally was able to speak with the human resource director and she flat out told him they were not sending him to the doctor because company policy required him to report the injury immediately.  He came to our office that same day, and he could hardly walk.  We knew immediately he had herniated a disc in his lumbar spine (low back).  We got the adjuster on the phone right there and she tried to give us the same story about the company policy.  Quite frankly, their policy is not worth the paper it’s written on.  Missouri statutes control the employer’s responsibilities and the statutes give injured workers up to 30 days to report the injury.  Needless to say, with our intervention, we got him to the doctor the following day.  It was a good thing too because he underwent emergency back surgery.  While he was recovering, the doctors told him that he would probably have some permanent nerve damage because of the several days that past before he was seen by the doctor.  If he had not contacted a workers compensation attorney when he did, the insurance company may not have got him into the doctor for another month. Then he would have been with even more severe damage.

If you’ve been hurt at work, contact us immediately! Case consultations are always free, and generally our fee is a percentage of the final disability settlement we obtain on your behalf.  We do not charge by the hour and you do not have to pay us before we receive your settlement. Call us today to discuss your case at (314) 720-2706 or toll free at (888) 956-2487.

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